Course in Faroese Maritime Legislation

Tyr Shipping Management (TSM) is offering Courses in Faroese maritime legislation for foreign senior officers on Faroese registered ships.

The course is required by the STCW convention and is implemented in Faroese national Legislation. The Faroese Maritime Authority requests the course to be held when issuing recognition certificates to foreign officers on Faroese registered ships.

TSM is authorised by the Faroese government to provide the abovementioned course, and other courses required by the STCW convention.

TSM offers to provide the course either on the Faroe Islands, onboard ships or in other places abroad at the shipowner’s choice.

The course in Faroese maritime legislation takes two days 8 lectures each day including test and course evaluation.


We offer dry dock planning and supervision. We will have our team of technicians to prepare dry docking lists and to get quotations from dry docks in order to ensure that the shipreceives the optimum solution. In the dry dock there will be superintendent to supervise and to be the company link to the dry dock management and the classification society.


WHATIF, a Risc Management Tool

TYR Shopping Management is the sole representative fro WhatIF www.whatif.as on the Fareoe Islands. Whatis is a risk managmenet tool that can be used for a broad variety of industries. Industries that have implemented Whatif successfully are powerplants, Garbage industry, the shipping industry and offshore oil and gas industry. Insurance companies show more and more interest in theWhatif concept. Recently Danish insurance company Codan has become a customer. We are also developing tools for the financial sector.


Ship Management

TSM.fo is working in compliance with all international standards as set for the maritime indurstry. The ISO 9001:2000 system ensures that TSM maintans the standards at any time. Quality standards are continuously  developed and the aim is to be certified to the ISO standards for environmental management and for occupational health and safety management systems.


TSM arranges maintennance of ships to standards set by owners, however, the standard on the ship shall as a minimum comply with the international codes and conventions, flagstate- and classification rrules and regulation.


TSM arranges efficient World Wide procurement and delivery of supplies and spare parts. We offer various transparent charging mechanisms for the services that we provide, such as fixed fee per item ordered or a fee based on actual cost plus an agreed percentage surcharge.

New website

TYR Shipping Management has taken on the management of teh cargo vessel M/V Norland. Norland is registered int the Faroese Intrnational Shipping Registry (FAS).

The owners of the Norland had investigated other registries but found FAS to be most suitable due high quality services at competitive costs.

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